3 Simple Tricks to Tackle Spring To-Do List

Spring is here and you’re itching to start purging the house and say good-bye to the winter blues. I’m right there with you!

But spring is also a season where graduations and end of school year activities start to pop up. Which means more things on our calendar and less time to get it all done. So we need to get a jump on figuring out how it is all going to get accomplished.

This video and blog post share simple insight to help you get it all done with three simple tricks.


First, take a piece of paper and brain dump everything you feel like you need to do on to one piece of paper. Big tasks and small. Everything warrants being written down. Don’t worry about when and how you’ll do it all, just get the tasks written down and out of your head.

Second, I want you to go back and break down each project you listed into smaller tasks  — tasks that can be completed in 20-30 minutes or less. Realistically we can only accomplish things in that amount of time before something distracts us.

The huge task of compiling 18 years of your child’s photos for her graduation open house, probably wont happen in one short setting. So this is why we break it down so it’s not as overwhelming and more manageable.

So you’ve (1) brain dumped it all. (2) Broken the items down into smaller chunks. And now, you need to do it – but when?

That’s the third trick. You need to assign a time to do the tasks. Things don’t get done by just being on the list. Especially the tasks we are dreading. Look at your calendar, decide when you can do one of those tasks, and write it on the calendar as to when you realistically have time to work on it.

It’s important to marry your to-do list with your calendar to get your list accomplished.

The overwhelming thoughts of all that needs to get accomplished prevents us from getting started. So let’s keep it simple with these three easy tips.

Now you have clearly identified what you need to do and when you’re going to do it, so you can stop carrying around the worry that you’re never going to get it all done. Because you can!

Enjoy a more balanced and productive spring!



If these tips are resonating with you, I have a free download you can request at: https://bit.ly/abettertodolist This resource will help you follow the simple three steps and feel like you have a handle on how to get it all accomplished with ease.


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