A little bit about me...

Michelle Kuiken is a warm-hearted, Professional Organizer and Organizer Coach, organizing in the communities of northwest Iowa.

I moved 7 times in five years, relocated cross-country, transitioned into a family-run farm business, started a new career, and landed in a place of juggling so many balls in the air that I no longer could keep them all in motion. I was in a never-ending circus ring and I had to find a way out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m human and many days still find myself lost in clutter, but with a deep breathe I know I have a system for getting things back in order. Life is easier, more peaceful, when everything has a place and a purpose, and I am freed to spend my time the way I choose. I’d be honored to help others get to that place too.

When I finally stepped back to look at the big picture, I realized that my anxious spirit was rooted in my piles of papers, poorly managed schedule, lack of home/office systems, and the list goes on. Amazing how tangible things could be affecting the deepest parts of my life and relationships. Once I took the time to find a place for everything and create simple systems, I was able to prioritize and be freed from my belongings and schedule.

So who am I?

I’m a city girl turned farm wife. I have experience in event coordinating, office management, fundraising, and bottle feeding calves. I love my heels and my cowboy boots. My sushi and my corn-fed beef. I have an addiction to gummy bears and strong coffee. I’m head over heals for my husband of nine years and we love to travel, by air or by car.

But most of all I have a passion for helping people and serving them in a way that will most benefit them, not me. I believe we all have a purpose in this gift we call Life, and that we are called to use our strengths to complement other’s limitations. I want to use my talents and experience in organizing and coaching to come alongside others and help them find their peace, alleviate clutter, and restore order to life. There is power in digging into life together, we weren’t designed to do it alone. So let’s go!

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Michelle Kuiken
Professional Organizer + Coach