A little bit about the journey...

Michelle Kuiken is a heartfelt, Organizer and Coach; organizing in the communities of northwest Iowa and coaching nationwide.

She started her journey in Phoenix, AZ — raised in the sunshine and convenience of city life. When she insisted on color coded folders and found excitement in helping friends pack and purge, her family joked that someday she would be an organizer. Who knew that was even a viable career choice?

Fast forward 25 years and Michelle found herself in love with a farmer and moving to the heartland, a small town in rural Iowa. A place that was quite foreign from her familiar city life. But like most things in her journey, Michelle took the transition as an opportunity and created new ways to embrace each day as a gift. [though some days were harder than others!]

After seven years of fundraising for a non-profit and balancing the farm bookwork in the evenings, Michelle was ready for a transition in her career. The long time joke that her family had of her becoming an organizer, took shape in her mind and with a leap of faith she become a solo-preneur. The Proper Place began in March 2014, alleviating clutter, helping women in the midst of life transitions, and organizing households across Northwest Iowa.

Life is busy and we can quickly lose track of ourselves and our priorities. Often times I find the stuff is merely a symptom of what is really going on in the household. So much is expected of women and I want to help them love themselves and have the tools to be able to run their household the way they choose. They shouldn’t be held captive to their stuff and their schedule. I want them to become free to do life the way they choose.

Michelle became a Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach because she enjoys the puzzle and strategy of creating a functional and enjoyable space. She loves to teach women while empowering them to maintain their households with improved systems and habits. Helping women learn and refine the way they live gives empowerment to their marriage, child-rearing, and personal self-worth.

I believe we all have a purpose in life, and that we are called to use our strengths to complement other’s limitations. There is power in digging into life together, we weren’t designed to do it alone.

So who is she really?

A Phoenix, AZ native, Michelle is a city girl turned farm wife, and proud to support her husband’s passion for the land and livestock. She has experience in event planning, fundraising, and bottle-feeding calves. She loves both her heels and her cowboy boots. Her sushi and her corn-fed beef. She has an addiction to gummy bears and strong coffee. She is loyal and crazy about her family and Jesus. And she and her husband never pass up the adventure to travel, by air or by car.

But most of all, she has a passion for helping, teaching, and serving women. She believes she is called to use her strengths to help women get unstuck. She wants to help you create a life that fits and move you forward. The best day to get started is today!

Michelle has a Bachelors in Sociology and a minor in Spanish from Grand Canyon University. She is a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals [NAPO], and an active member of Faithful Organizers, and Iowa Professional Organizers. She is a foundation graduate of the Coach Approach certified coach training program.

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Michelle Kuiken
Professional Organizer + Productivity Coach

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