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Control your best during the worst

My husband and I recently celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. We had a pretty unique and special ceremony. It was quaint, personal, unique, and intentional. Fitting for who we were and what we wanted our future to represent. The part of the wedding that still gives me the goose bumps are the vows. We wrote them ourselves and professed what we wanted…. Read more »

I used to be organized

We experience changes throughout life, and organization isn’t an exception to the change. It’s very common to have once felt organized and to go through phases where you can no longer manage life with as much precision.  Think of what it was like when you felt you had organization? My guess is a lot has changed in your life since then. Common…. Read more »

Get Organized: Where to Start

Getting started is the hardest part. Getting started organizing is similar to the start of a new diet or workout routine. It takes intentional effort, thought, and maintenance to see results. Honestly, just like exercising, it can feel easier not to start, but everyday you don’t take action, is another day you feel crummy about life…and yourself. Let this help point you…. Read more »