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Hacks related to living and organizing on a farm. Us farm wives need to stick together!

Are you Busy or Productive?

At a recent doctor visit the assistant asked, “Are you staying busy?” A common question to start small talk, yet it always sits with me the wrong way. Is it a good thing that we are “busy?” Is that the standard we aim for to determine how we are doing? As long as we are busy, then we must be doing well?…. Read more »

The 3 Types of Paper in Your House

All the paper in your household fits into three categories. That’s it. Three categories and all those piles will be organized and have function. You’re thinking, how could it be that easy? That’s just it. We make productivity and organization way too complicated. We get overwhelmed by the piles and the never ending school papers that come in the door. We over…. Read more »

Simple way to get more done today

Are you busy all day and yet never get anything accomplished?  You can feel incredibly discouraged when you get nothing done in a day. You are not alone in this frustration! You are probably struggling like a recent client Cathy (not her real name) who had set herself up for failure when it came to getting things accomplished. Her days were interrupted…. Read more »