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Hacks related to living and organizing on a farm. Us farm wives need to stick together!

From one Farm Wife to Another

Greetings Farm Wives! Draw near, my sacred group of women. Women whom no one else can understand except a fellow farmer’s wife. We are a unique, select group of women. We live and breathe the farm that has become not a source of income, but a lifestyle. We think in terms of grain and livestock sales, and we force our minds to…. Read more »

Where do I put everything

Part of the struggle of getting organized is knowing where to put things. You start sorting through a closet and come across a box of miscellaneous memories and you get stuck because “where do I put something like this?” Here are a few simple but important questions to ask yourself to help determine where things should be stored: How often do you…. Read more »

For those who have no garden weeds

Weeds. The annoying green foliage that grows throughout your beautiful flowers and tomato plants. The foliage that we prepare to stifle even before it has the chance to germinate. The foliage that isn’t wanted, yet somehow still appears. I’ve spent hours this summer pulling weeds, and they seem to multiply faster than I can pull. I know everyone has a trick for…. Read more »