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Push past the areas that hold you back mentally and emotionally from getting organized.

Is your Routine Helping or Hurting you?

Routines can help or they can hurt. You currently have a routine. It may not be a pre-established system you consider routine, but humans are creatures of habit and even the spontaneous person has consistent behaviors that affect the speed and flow of the day. A routine is doing tasks regularly or with a repeated nature. You brush your teeth, get ready,…. Read more »

I used to be organized

We experience changes throughout life, and organization isn’t an exception to the change. It’s very common to have once felt organized and to go through phases where you can no longer manage life with as much precision.  Think of what it was like when you felt you had organization? My guess is a lot has changed in your life since then. Common…. Read more »

Make Space in your Home and Life

The importance of making space. We all exist in the essence of space. It’s like gravity; it just exists without us doing anything. But when we lose our space, we start to realize we take it for granted. And we want it back. Space: a continuous area or expanse that is free, available* Space: open distance between items, clear Space: the sense…. Read more »

How to Decide what to Keep

Gifts, keepsakes, mementos, kids trophies, travel souvenirs, memories from late loved ones, and those concert tickets from your first date. How do I decide what to keep? When I tell people what I do, one of the first questions I get asked is, “how do you make people to get rid of things?” And when I’m standing alongside a women in her…. Read more »