Declutter Club

Receive monthly accountability and support to make forward progress on your organization and productivity journey by joining the Declutter Club.

The declutter club is designed for people who:

      • desire the guidance of an expert organizer + coach as they tackle projects on their own schedule
      • have worked with The Proper Place previously, and want to have support to maintain the organization and keep forward motion
      • need accountability to be organized and productive

Benefit of Membership:

      • 30 minute session/month [via phone or virtual]
      • Individualized to meet your specific goals
      • Accountability + motivation
      • 10% off organizing sessions + class discounts
      • Earn Freedom Points for meeting goals
      • Support + insight via email
      • Partnership with trained organizer + coach


$49 / month or $529 / year


Is the Declutter Club what you’ve been looking for to help your organization, clutter, and productivity?

Contact Michelle to learn more or to get started today.

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