Gift Ideas: When You Don’t Want More Stuff

The holidays are here and people want to know what is on your gift list.

I was consulting with a busy working mom last week who asked me, “what do you give your kids when you don’t want more crap coming into your house?” Can anyone relate?

It’s challenging to come up with gift ideas for family members, let alone for yourself. And if you have a busy household, the thought of making room for more is overwhelming. If you’re like many of the women I work with, they don’t want more “stuff” to fill their closets and more to pick up, but they still want to celebrate the season and have a memorable celebration.

Think non-traditional this season and get creative with your gift-giving. Less can be more!

Gift ideas for people who don’t want more stuff:

Artwork Display Frame

A frame that opens from the front without the hassle of taking it off the wall so you can update artwork frequently. Great for mom or grandma! Home or office. Link here.

Wall Calendar
It can be magnetic, dry erase, chalk, or paper. Monthly or weekly. Any option works if you have it displayed for all to see. This may not be exciting to open on Christmas day, but it will be the gift that gives all year long in the household. If you have time, consider personalizing it with photos. Link here.

Organizing Book and Devotional
There are many book options for organizing and productivity. One suggestion here — Organizing His Way: A Christ-Centered Approach to Organizing Your Life, written by Eileen Koff, CPO. She is a wise and experienced woman who has decades of experience in organizing, productivity, and writing. This book is meaningful for spiritual and physical transformation. Link here.

Acts of Service
Make a personalized coupon book for helping out with specific activities or chores around the house. Especially mom would love the support! This can be for parent or child — date nights and one-on-one time are gift worthy.

Game Night Basket
Bundle games, puzzles, and treats to be enjoyed by the family. This game is one of our favorites. There is a kid version as well. Or go with throwback classics of Sorry, Candyland and Guess Who.

Personalized mug, calendar or photo gift
A personalized calendar, ornament, or mug with photos of loved ones or most memorable moment from the year.

Organizing with Intention workbook
A short interactive guide to help you figure out how to add order and better flow to your home and life. Consider how day-to-day life could be easier and smoother with a little more intentional order. More info and order here. written by The Proper Place.

Experience Gifts
Tickets to a concert, amusement park, movie passes, or spa day.

Puzzle with Kids Artwork
Transform your artwork into a personalized puzzle. Imagine kids opening up a puzzle on Christmas morning that is of THEIR artwork! Or capture the most memorable moment of the year in a puzzle format.

Craft Set
Order the well known Kiwi Crates or assemble your own DIY kit for a one-time creation that you can do with the child or on their own.

Gift Certificate for Productivity Coaching/Consulting 
I couldn’t do an article without this! Gift certificates are available or treat yourself to sessions with The Proper Place to find balance in work and home in the new year. Contact here to inquire.

Whatever you choose to give this holiday season, may it be given with thoughtfulness, intention, and gratitude. Remember that less can be more. Wishing you a blessed holiday season!



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