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Programs and services offered by The Proper Place.

In-Home Organizing Program

With the purchase of in-home sessions, you will be working alongside an experienced Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach to create a space that’s functional for your lifestyle. In-home sessions include: evaluation of space; identification of stuck areas; goal setting; downsize/purge belongings; support to make choices; create functional spaces; design efficiencies; develop systems to maintain going forward; identify containers and storage solutions as needed; and support in disposing purged item. What to expect.

In-Home Organizing Program also offered for: un-pack/pack for household move; digital photo organizing; and downsizing.

In-Home Organizing can be purchased in 10-hour and 20-hour increments. Hourly options are available, with a minimum of 4 hours.

Productivity Coaching Program

During this two month program, work with a Productivity + Organizer Coach to explore what’s really preventing you from moving forward and develop solutions to help you get unstuck. Discover an understanding of your productivity strengths and challenges; find clear solutions that work best for your life style; get more organized; become more efficient; and become free to do more life. Perfect for the busy woman who is ready to make a life change in her home, mind, and life.

Productivity Program includes: two month program of 5 coaching sessions (50 min each via phone); Productivity Chain® assessment and evaluation; resources to create mindfulness/awareness; documents to track progress; recordings of your 5 coaching sessions if desired; accountability; email support from coach; and new peace of mind. Learn here: What to Expect from Coaching.

A six month, ten session program is also available.


An in-person or virtual consultation to give expert advice, organizing how-to’s, input on how to maximize space, ideal containers/shelves to use, room layout suggestions, and ways to move forward on your own. This is for people who are self-motivators, able to stay on task, and have a good handle on the concepts of how they organize best.

Includes a 75-minute in home consult (NW Iowa) or virtual consult and a personalized plan-of-action report and product recommendations, emailed to client.

Declutter Club

Monthly coaching session (via phone) to keep you moving forward and hold you accountable. Great for the past clients who wants accountability to stay on track. Includes a 30-minute coaching call each month and email support to keep you moving forward in projects and maintaining your hard work. First access to new resources, worksheet downloads, online client portal, and more.


Michelle Kuiken, Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach, educates women on the skill of getting and maintaining order and having a more full life. Contact Michelle to inquire. View upcoming events + courses here.

Programs and Packages can be customized to meet your needs, based on requests.


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