The Proper Place has brought organization both to my home and to my life. Michelle has helped me with time management techniques to organize my busy family.
Stephanie, Sioux Center, IA
Energetic, Working Mother of 2

After building up so much clutter when I was dealing with depression, I didn’t know where to turn for help. Michelle helped me organize a couple rooms, and worked around our schedule with our kids. She gave me more confidence in being able to keep cleaning and organizing on my own. Michelle was very patient and kind to me and my family, and you could tell that she actually did want to help us achieve a goal and she enjoyed helping.
Sara, Hull, IA
Loving Mother of 3 and wife of a farmer

I could stare for hours at the mounds of paper and stacks of countless things that had cluttered my office and no doubt cluttered my mind. It got more and more defeating and depressing with every passing day. I just don’t have the eye to see organization techniques and little tips. I can’t make decisions. It feels as though hours can pass and I am still deciding whether to put that stapler in a drawer or keep it out. Things that Michelle gets down and dirty and gets done. Making quick decisions and moving quickly onto the next task so I could actually see progress! Thank you Michelle, what you did to my home office was good for my mind and body. Less stress and worry. More productive and order. A flow!
Kelly, Rock Valley, IA
Spirited In-Home Business manager and Mother of 3

Now I don’t have any excuses not to go to an exercise class, or just sit down without tearing articles from the latest how-to article I’ve read. ‘Thanks’ is such a small word for the huge undertaking Michelle and I did together to create the spaces I’ve wanted to use correctly every since our house was built. I love the way my closets, drawers, bins, etc are shaping up to look neat, clean and most of all organized within the spaces my house didn’t offer me before Michelle’s help!
Business owner and emptynester

It was very helpful to have someone put into place many of the concepts I knew yet didn’t have or take the time to do. The organizing has been a blessing to our entire family now that many of the items have a home and there is a process for papers in our home.
Confident Wife and Mother

Michelle is great with wanting to help. You could tell that she wasn’t doing it just for the income, she really was wanting to help change your life. She had a lot of patience with me. I had so much stuff that it brought me to a depression. She helped me lift my confidence in big and small little ways, and she gave me tools to keep moving on by myself.
Beautiful Wife and Mother

I had a great experience with Michelle when she helped me organize my pantry.  She came prepared, asked excellent introductory questions and had original ideas for adding more space to my pantry. Now that my pantry is rid of old and unneeded items I am able to find things so much easier. Organizing just this one spot gives me motivation to have more areas of my home organized too. I will definitely hire Michelle again for my next organizing project– big or small!
Mother of 4