Circle Group

The Circle Group is a place to learn, be held accountable, and make progress! This may be the nudge you need to have consistency in your home and life.

Claim your Spot in the Circle Group 

WHO IS THIS FOR? This group is for farm wives and any women who desire to:

    • have accountability + support
    • grow personally + become more self-aware
    • address the list of trouble spots in her home + schedule
    • improve her productivity + order each day
    • have more peaceful days + new ideas
    • be in a supportive group of fellow women

Not sure the circle group is for you? Watch the recording of the sample session we hosted, to see if it’s what you’ve been needing.


It begins in September! But you can join at any time!

JOIN for $47 per month, includes:

    • 2 sessions per month, starting Sept 9 and 23, and then the first and third Wednesdays of each month, @ 9am CST
    • resources each week via your client portal
    • insight from professional organizer + coach
    • email access for questions between sessions


Is this group just want you’re looking for? Claim the special offer!

OFFER: Buy at least 2 months and you will get one month free! That’s only $15 per session. A steal for the results and progress you will make! Offer expires Sept 8.


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Not sure this is for you? I want you to use your time and resources in a manner that’s most beneficial for you. Contact Michelle to discuss options here.