Resources for Farm Wives

The productivity challenges for farming households are unique.

I’ve spent years finding ways to help women become more balanced and productive, and I want to help you. The Proper Place is launching a new offering to support women married to farmers, and you are invited to be a part of it.

NEW!! Farm Wives Circle Group
The purpose of this group is to gather virtually with fellow farm wives to share, learn and grow in order to create more balanced days and peaceful households — all facilitated by Michelle Kuiken, Organizer Coach, and Fellow Farm Wife.


 >>If you missed the preview event we held on August 26, you can watch it here.

This group is designed to provide:

    • accountability + motivation
    • professional insight
    • more order in your days/home
    • solutions to transform your stuck places
    • wisdom from others in similar situations
    • community of fellow farm wives in different stages of life


WHO: This group is for women married to farmers who desire to:

    • grow personally + become more self-aware
    • finally address the list of trouble spots in her home and schedule
    • improve her productivity + order
    • have accountability + support
    • have more peaceful days + new ideas
    • be in a supportive group of fellow women

Not Sure the Farm Wife Circle Group is for you?
View the recording of the Sample Circle Group Session – HERE


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Farm Wives Circle Group offers motivation, resources, and community to women running farming households.



If you desire community, motivation, education, and growth — and you’re married to a farmer — this could be just what you need to keep the energy and organization of your household flowing forward. There are a lot of unperceived expectations in a household as the wife of a farmer. You think you have the day planned and then, “Honey, can you help me outside a minute?” An hour later your cookies are burned and you’re off task for the rest of the day. Sound Familiar?

Your days get interrupted and there are so many unspoken responsibilities that fall on your shoulders. 

I know how you feel! I grew up in the city, fell in love a small town boy, and now I am the proud wife of a farmer. But I was a total fish out of water, so I know first hand how hard it is to balance it all. And it can feel like all the organizing resources out there are geared toward women living the city lifestyle. Not running a farm.

As a fellow farm wife, organizer, and coach I am pairing all my passions to offer new supportive services to farm wives. I want you to create the order and balance you desire. The new Farm Wife Circle Group is a great place to get the support you’ve been looking for.

Have questions? Connect with Michelle, here.





  • Farm Wife Restoration Coaching Program – one-on-one, in-depth coaching sessions over a 3-month period, to create a life that is balanced, orderly, and productive — all curated around your own strengths and challenges. More here. Follow The Proper Place on Facebook here for current tips and ideas to help you alleviate the overwhelming feeling you feel each day and to become more productive and organized.