Ten Ways to be most Efficient this Holiday Season

November and December are busy months and this year is no exception. Your to-do list and shopping list are growing each day. You need to be productive checking off the holiday tasks while still addressing the day-to-day essentials. These are ten simple ways you can be efficient, find balance, and still enjoy the festivities of the busy year!

TEN Ways to be Most Efficient this Holiday Season

Make a list before you shop
Whether you shop online or in-stores, making a list of what you need to purchase before you start will make you more efficient when you shop and less likely to overspend.

Keep your work schedule light
You typically cram the holiday tasks onto already full weekends or evenings. Plan a day off to do holiday-specific tasks. Intentionally schedule fewer meetings and less projects during the holiday season.

Keep your daily routine in motion
Don’t abandon the routines of your household and business because it’s a busy season. It will give you balance and structure to keep the regular routines in motion. And you won’t feel as behind once the holidays are over!

Delegate to family members
You can’t do it all. Assign tasks to the kids to help with additional tasks around the house. Delegate to others to bring part of the holiday meal/activities so it doesn’t all fall on your list.

Plan and prep ahead
Brainstorm what can be taken care of ahead of time to alleviate the chaos around the actual holiday. Such as baking ahead and freezing the items to pull out the night before. Make shopping lists and try to make minimal visits to the store. Layout essentials/clothes the night before.

Have a wrapping station
Have a designated area for the wrapping paper and ribbons to live over the coming weeks. Wrap as many gifts in one setting, rather than one here and there.

Minimize Multitasking
Multitasking appears to make you more efficient, but usually, it causes you to be less focused and creates a distraction. Focus on one task at a time — do it well and completely.

Put the big events on the calendar first — the must-do’s — and then prioritize the rest of the tasks based on what’s essential and what’s meaningful for you with in this season.

Schedule Family Time
For most families, if you aren’t intentional to plan game night or cookie decorating, the season will pass by without the usual (or new!) traditions taking place.

Say No
Determine what is a priority this season and what commitments you need to step back from or decline. You can’t say yes to everything and have balance (and sanity!).

A bonus tip >>>

Take Care of Yourself
Plan to exercise, schedule gatherings with friends, enjoy hot chocolate, and watch Hallmark movies (or whatever fills your soul). You don’t want to end the most joyous season of the year exhausted and worn out. Be intentional to care for yourself and your household.

Wishing you a merry and bright holiday season full of gratitude and joy!

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